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Founded in 2010, Beyond Intelligence Group is a local trading and consulting company in Vietnam. We provide a wide ranges of services in Trading and Sourcing, Consultancy, Manufacturing and Playground solution.

We first started with Trading and Sourcing service for outdoor furniture exporting to Europe market, we have a strong documentary team to follow up your order from getting orders to exporting products. Our technical team is on site with the factories to help them build capacity, support them in technique to meet Europe exporting standards including: social compliance and quality.

In manufacturing, we began on 2016 with a factory of 10 hecta mainly producing outdoor furniture (wicker and wood items) for Europe DIY stores. See more.

We also provide consultancy services for: leisure and healthcare. With a strong team from different backgrounds in many majors, we can help you to get the efficient solution for your demand. See more.

If you are looking a playground solution for your project, we offer you a wide ranges of products: design and build playground or single item which are based on your project concept. See more.

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